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Some of the comments from my customers ( all reviews taken from Google or Facebook)

"I've seen Michael 4 times now, I went from not being able to run at all because of terrible shin splints to running 4 times a week, very helpful and would recommend to everyone!!" James Rhodes

"I heard about Michael through a friend who would not stop bugging me to see him as I have many small issues with dislocating shoulders and tendon problem's in my knees and ankles. I have been to countless sports injury professional's as well as many physiotherapists and he has to be one of the most effective treatments I have had. He takes his time and gets to the root of the issue instead of just treating be symptoms. One session and you'll feel the difference." Oreo D

"I am a practicing Martial Artist and also instructor for many years since 1974 and obviously i have picked up some irritating problems in my muscles and posture,,, after seeing and being treated by this man i feeling quite loose and agile again,,, in my honest opinion i would recommend Michael to any person that needs this,, whether it be Athlete, Martial Artist or anybody! i have been to one or 2 others over time and to be honest I wasted my money,, this Guy is worth every penny." John Farenden.

"My husband and I came here for a massage and we can only highly recommend Michael. Incredibly knowledgeable, likeable and professional. Our bodies now move as they should . We will be back for a bit more torture ;) even though we live in London! Thanks Michael." RC

"I am a high level competing decathlete and have been going to Michael for about 8 months now. He is the best for helping me keep my body in working order to train and compete at high levels. He's also very good at getting me back after an injury. I have tried other sports masseurs however I have always come back because of the level of treatment I get." Tyler Adams

"Michael is a fantastic massage therapists. He goes out of his way to ensure you're getting the best treatment possible. He has done wonders with my chest, shoulders and arms. Before seeing Michael i struggles to do the most basic tasks without suffering excruciating pain. Now, I'm able to move properly and most importantly move pain free." Chris J

"I have been to a chiropractor for about a year to have 2 vertebrae (top and bottom of spine - from old injuries) back into place. (extremely good but it’s been up to me to strengthen my core, along side seeing the chiropractor. Although taking regular exercise I kept going back down hill, partly due to not knowing the right exercises so thought I should find someone to help who knew and could help with muscle strength. I came across Michael's website and have been improving properly ever since thanks to both his and the chiropractor. Michael's knowledge is fantastic and could tell I was completely out of alignment which is now being corrected. Also the pain i have been managing is finally going which is amazing. A big thumbs up to Michael and his professional knowledge and helping me get well again." T C

"Excellent sports therapy sessions. Passionate and enthusiastic about his work, Michael will work with you to fix any problem you may have using his advanced fountain of knowledge." Terry Couzens

"Excellent therapist! Michael is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he does. He has managed to untangle my knotty back. I recommend highly for fellow sufferers." Mark Lambert

"I have tried both massage and reflexology and you really feel the benefits of the therapy. Whenever I have muscular discomfort, I go to visit Michael. Excellent professional" Irene Tejera

"Had really bad back pain which the doctors could not help with. Booked in with michael and was the best decision I have made, after the initial treatment phase was completed I have not had problems since and am going to continue with monthly maintenance. Recommend highly"T L

"Would highly recommend Michael. Worked wonders with my leg. And posture. Best it's been in 15 years, Since all the surgery on it. The hospital or medication was not helping out anymore. But after 4 sessions it's now 100% better." K Moey

"Michael is amazing and I can not recommend him enough .his knowledge of the body is outstanding. he is a lovely man that truly knows he’s stuff." Nikki Andrews

"I had to have an emergency visit with Michael while on holidays from Australia. His treatment was excellent and I got a lot of relief from my pain. I wish he would migrate so I could visit his clinic regularly." Kerry Eustace

"Michael is an amazing massage therapist his soft & deep tissue work keeps me from needing to see the osteopath for adjustments. He's a lovely guy who knows his stuff! He now also treats my son, parents, sister & brother in law! He is a really great massage therapist! Thank You Michael. P Seward

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